Dangerous Ascension Day

Wanting to think about celebrating Ascension Day, I did a Google search. Glancing over the first few results, I was startled to read that, 
"Ascension Day is like a narcotic, laced with danger, and totally addictive."
This was a million miles from my experience today or any other Ascension Day that I remember. Was this why some of my stricter Scottish Presbyterian ancestors refused to celebrate this or any other holy day apart from the weekly 'sabbath'? Was this 'danger' associated with those places that used to mark parish boundaries on this day by ritual beating of young boys?

I went to the website with the quote. It was Amazon advertising 'Ascension Day' - a novel by John Matthews and quoting a review by John Jordan in Crime Spree Mazazine. The review continued, 
"Impossible to put down. This is what thrillers are meant to be." 
2000 years ago, religious and political leaders thought they could put Jesus down permanently. They thought they'd made a thorough job of it. After the cruellest execution on a rubbish heap, they made sure he was dead and buried. That wasn't and isn't the end of the story, which is God's story, laced with hope and totally real. It's about what we are "meant to be".


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