'Light'  is the Advent Word for today.

In Advent, Christians look forward to the coming of light into darkness.

And in Advent, Christians celebrate the fact that the true light has come, is coming and will come into the world. 

The coming of true light is cause for hope even in the darkest days.

As I wrote in 'What is Hope?' in Advent last year, hope is not wishful thinking or a denial of reality. On the contrary:
"Hope, like faith and love, are gifts of God, so do come from outside of us. Hope come from God who is other than us. We may discover hope within and cultivate hope by our actions. The challenge in times of despair is to open our eyes to small green shoots of hope and nurture those wherever we find them. In doing so, it helps to remember that God, who is the source of hope, is not only outside of us, but also behind us, before us, beside us and within us."Nancy Wallace in 'What is Hope?' a post on Seeker
John's Gospel begins with these words, …


The Advent Word for today is 'among' in the global Advent Calendar I am following this year.

Thinking about what to post in relation to the word 'among', I remembered Jesus' words in Luke 22: 27
"I am among you as one who serves."So I'm posting a painting by Ford Maddox Brown of Jesus washing Peter's feet at his Last supper. You can find that story in John 13: 1 - 20.  It's a wonderful example of the meaning of 'Emmanuel' - 'God-with-us'. Not God high and mighty or remote, but God among us, one of us, serving among us.

Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia


In this image a child reaches for the hand of her father. For me that is a lovely illustration of trust. 

It looks as if father and child are walking.

It may be that the child has no idea where they are going, but that's not a problem to the child. Daddy is here and Daddy can be trusted.

How would you define trust?

What about trust in God? What does that mean to you? About 4 years ago I wrote a post entitled What does it mean to trust God? In that post are some links that some may find helpful. Take a look and see what you think.

Image Credit: mcdarius on Flickr, CC License