The Spark that ignites

For Pentecost Sunday (23 May this year) here's an image of an oil painting that excites me and says more to me about the Christian celebration of Pentecost ('Whit Sunday') than words can.

It's called 'The Pentecost' and is by the Armenian artist Alexander Sadoyan

If you want some words about the 1st Christians' experience at Pentectost, then read Acts 2: 1-21.

I also found this poem helpful, thanks to 'Rector's Ramblings'
We light a candle 
and enjoy the flickering light 
the fragrance 
and warmth it creates. 
But without the spark that ignites 
there will be no flame 
Without the wax 
the source of power 
the wick will not burn 
Without the flame 
there will be no fragrance 
no warmth, no light. 
And so with us, Lord 
You are the catalyst that ignites us 
and the fuel that sustains us 
You fill us with your fragrance 
as you enter our lives 
You empower us 
to carry your flame in our hearts 
To be the fragrance, 
warmth and light of your love 
in this dark world.

For another Pentecost post see Holy Fire at Pentecost.


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